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Fever International Music Group - Female Fronted Thrash On The Verge Of Being Death Metal

Hailing from Moscow, Russia

Mass Madness is Aggressive female fronted Thrash on the verge of Death Metal, filled with frenzy, dynamics and speed. Extremely cruel riffs,  and a furious rhythm section combined with extreme female vocals, "hard" English lyrics and powerful presentation!
Now that Mass Madness has introduced a new powerful line-up, the band is recording a new album, and is also actively touring. Appearing at festivals and with other monsters of their genre but the band also still plays in underground hangouts across Europe. Mass Madness has played in countless cities over the years, and has supported : Vader, Grave, The Crown, Evil Invaders, Benighted, Survive, Sudden Rage, Iron Stream, Arktotus, Katalepsy, The Nomad, Hellbomb, Arbitrator, and many other metal monsters.