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Wroclaw, Poland


Our Story...

Methopia consists of five musicians with a female vocalist in the front. These individuals had played shows together, but each was performing within a different group. 

After forming a bond in this fashion, everyone decided to form a new band together thus METHOPIA was born. 

Each member of the new group had very different musical styles & influences.

The result being the formation of what can only be described as a New Wave Metal Band.

    In May 2020, Methopia recorded and released their first EP titled "Rec.Over".

The EP included four new original tracks.

In Sept 2020 Methopia recorded & released their first full album titled "Mr. Serious".

    If one had to compare Methopia to other groups, Tuff Enough, Splot, or !nsult would be an excellent choice.  


Justyna Jedrzejczyk

Justyna Jedrzejczyk - vocal_edited.jpg


David Piechowiak

David Piechowiak - guitar.jpg


Michal Koval

Michal Koval - guitar.jpg


Grzegorz Potocki

Grzegorz Potocki - bass.jpg


Lukasz Romanowski

Lukasz Romanowski - drums.jpg